To Trick or to Treat that's the question

The spooky season is among us and if you and your family find yourselves getting into the Halloween spirit, undoubtedly you'll have an abundance of candy both collected from your trick or treat route, and waiting to be passed out to other fellow trick or treaters. While Halloween is about dressing up in our ghoulish best, treating ourselves to candy and having fun, it's important to understand how much of a punch chocolate bars and candy can pack in calories and how moderation is key. Fun-size treats like Skittles and little bags of M&Ms contain less calories compared to bigger full-size bags, however the problem is that we usually eat three, four or five because they're small and seem harmless. However, culmination of these fun-size treats can then lead to longer sessions of Burpees, which is maybe the spookiest thing of all. Surrounded by all this candy, get some exercise for yourself and your family Halloween night and turn your night into a fun and active one. When out trick or treating, set a goal of how many houses or streets you will visit and cap it at that. To take your Halloween exercise beyond walks around the neighbourhood, draw your own inspiration from our suggested Halloween Candy Workout. Get each family member to choose their favourite exercise, number and candy, then from their stash for every favourite candy they do their favourite exercise their favourite number of times. We picked a few of our favourite candies, exercises and numbers as an example in the graphic below.

Halloween is just a drop in the bucket when compared to 364 other days of the year when you can follow a healthy lifestyle. Even if you feel like you’ve gone a little overboard with the candy, enjoy your Halloween treats and the excitement of the holiday - soon enough you’ll be back to your regular routine!

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