5 tips to stay on track during the 'Silly Season'

You have had such a challenging and productive year, overcoming so many hurdles and surprises

2020 threw your way. You deserve to kick your feet up and relax over the holiday season, but don’t

let all of your hard work go undone! Here are five tips to stay healthy and active while you treat


1. Finger food may seem like small harmless morsels, but your total intake can creep up quickly. Eat

a light snack before you head out to your family gathering to avoid filling up on cheese and crackers

and other platter foods before the main turkey and ham event.

2. Don’t over drink your calories. Soft drinks and alcohol are high in calories, and empty calories at

that. Try lightly flavoured soda or mineral water as a mixer or for some good old advice, drink in

moderation. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

3. Swap the sugary, creamy dessert for some seasonal stone fruit this summer. Grown right here in

Australia, our mangoes, peaches, cherries and other fruits are highly sought after worldwide. Try

local produce for a fresh, healthy sweet alternative. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your sweet

cravings can be satisfied.

4. One day of overeating is okay. Feel you over did it on Christmas day? Go easy on Boxing Day. If

you have two functions in one day, graze lightly or skip a big meal.

5. As tempting as it may be to curl up for a afternoon nap after a big meal, go for a gentle walk

instead. The fresh air and the exercise will keep your body active, while you clear your mind and

counteract those calories. Remember, every bit of exercise counts.

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