Benefits of Stretching

We know that the obvious benefit of stretching is increased flexibility but the benefits go way beyond this. We know that stretching before and after a workout is very important but adding a simple stretch routine to your daily activities can go a long way towards increasing your overall health and happiness. Let’s look at some good reasons to make time for stretching.

Stress reliever - Stretching allows you to concentrate on your body instead of outside distractions. Stretching also relaxes tense muscles which helps increase blood flow and also releases endorphins which promotes a sense of tranquillity.

Increases energy - When we get tired our muscles tighten which increases those sleepy feelings. Stretching will increase energy levels and will help loosen up those tight muscles and increase blood flow.

Soreness prevention — The increase of blood flow to the muscles after stretching equals an increased nutrient supply which will help prevent soreness after a workout. It will also help speed up the recovery process for damaged muscles and joints.

Assist in weight loss — As stretching helps build larger muscles, a larger muscle mass will help your metabolism burn at a higher rate. This means that you can burn more calories doing the activities you love.

Improves posture — Bad posture can be caused by tight muscles that pull your body away from its natural intended position. Bad posture can limit your mobility and cause serious pain. Stretching through your back, chest and shoulders can help keep your spine in correct alignment and help relieve aches and pains.

Increase flexibility and range of motion — One of the main benefits of stretching after a workout is increased flexibility. With increased flexibility comes better range of motion. Having a better range of motion means you will increase your performance as your muscles will be working at maximum capacity.

Decreases the chance of injury — Increased range of motion also means fewer injuries since our limbs and joints can move further before injury happens. Since stretching also increases blood flow, this also means an increase of nutrients to your muscles which will help speed up recovery in the chance of an injury.

So take the time to stretch it out. Not only before and after your workouts but as part of your daily routine so you can reap the benefits

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