Revisit and Reset

With all that’s been going on recently it’s hard to know what day it is! Is it really July already?

Question? What are your goals for 2020? Are they fresh in your mind or have you forgotten about them?

The start of the year sees us raring to go with new goals and aspirations. But as we get to the half way point of the year, some of us are often out of alignment with what we wanted to achieve.

Now is a great time to reacquaint yourself with what that vision was at the beginning of the year and it’s time revisit and reset.

What matters when it comes to that list of goals is tracking your progress. How close are you to achieving that goal? Maybe you’ve reached the half way mark this year and you can say “Wow, I’m blowing this out the water.” Or for some, it might mean “I’m way behind where I wanted to be!”

So what can you do to reset?

Look back at your goals and try to understand what may have got in the way. Were you goals much harder than you thought? Has your vision changed? This is something only you can find through reflection and being honest with yourself.

Having a think about your mood and keeping track of how you are feeling can help too. Are you in a better mood after an afternoon workout session? Or does your body react more favourably to an early morning workout? When it comes to staying on track, recognising what makes you happiest and feel the best is key.

Starting too fast out of the gate can be a recipe for disaster. Instead of resetting with a hefty goal like running a half marathon next month, break your end goal down into steps that are more manageable. Give yourself time to build back up with easy runs then slowly increase distance. By doing this, you will limit the likelihood of burning out or being sidelined with injury.

Pressing the reset button is also a good opportunity to reconnect and lean on friends and family for support. Whether that means meal prepping with your partner or joining a group of like-minded people. Accountability will push you to show up when you might otherwise have chosen not to. Exercise is socially catching so seeing others push hard at the gym will likely motivate you to as well.

Make sure that you are fuelling your body with your increased activity. Be aware of what you are eating and eat smart around your workouts. Consume the protein, carbs and fibre you need to achieve your best but don't confuse refuelling with overindulging. Meal planning is one of the best ways to stay healthy each day.

We want your fitness journey to be long lasting so it has to hold your interest. No matter your activity, make sure you keep it fun. Another way to do this is, is to keep your gear updated, so you'll always be excited about getting dressed for a workout. No matter how it looks for you, make sure you have enjoyment and satisfaction to lean on.

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