Mindful May - Part Three

Investing in YOU

In Part Three of our Mindful May series, we are lucky to have some wonderful input from Alice Bacon, long time enerG+ member and Personal Coach at Focus on You.

Is spending time on yourself important? Alice shares with us the importance of looking after YOU.

When you give and do for others, it is really important to also give and do for yourself.

This may sound cliché but unless you also prioritise on yourself, you could potentially be depleting your own energy levels and influencing stress on your body without even realising.

Your energy, can be topped up anytime by simply allocating time alone (just for you) and introducing simple steps of mindfulness into your daily practice.

This could be as simple as having a shower alone. By that, I mean truly alone - saying no to the hundreds of conversations and people in your head. Rather allow and feel the water from your shower spray all over your face, followed by consciously being in the absolute moment while you shampoo and condition your hair and wash your body.

This mindfulness practice starts to activate the alertness of your 5 senses and being in a small space heightens the experience.

Activating your senses has the added benefit that it will start to slow your brain down, and the organs associated with each of your senses will send information to your brain to help you understand, process and perceive the world around you.

Here are some additional mindfulness activities to activate your senses:

  • A walk on the beach, feeling your feet in the sand.

  • Listening to your favourite music and hearing the space between the notes. It is said, this is where the music is found.

  • Walking in nature and embracing all the sounds that surround you.

  • On a windy day, stopping for a moment and looking up at the tree branches.

  • Watching the clouds pass by.

  • A manicure, pedicure, facial or massage - feeling every touch and sensation.

  • A quiet meal - closing your eyes and consciously being aware of every taste and sensation.

  • Being completely present while washing the dishes and smelling the soap suds and feeling the water splash around your hands.

  • Repeating affirmations such as “I am worthy” “I am love” “I am enough”

Investing in you is all about You – Because You Are Enough.

Further information about Focus on You can be found at www.coaching-mindfulness.com.au

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