Meditation for Beginners

In such a fast-paced society, where we are not only always pushing ourselves physically but also consistently stimulating our mind, it’s so important to take the time to slow it all down and reconnect. This is where meditation is a powerful tool for healing the body, mind and spirit.

Meditation is not just a trendy fad, it’s been around for centuries and used by many cultures. Meditation for me has bought more mindfulness in to my day to day by allowing me to be more present with my time and to take note of my reactions. But benefits can come in many forms, such as; boosting the immune system, reducing stress and anxiety, improved concentration, decreased blood pressure, improved sleep and if you allow it, meditation can be a source of comfort and clarity.

Lots of people think the goal of meditation is about stopping all thoughts. It’s not. Maybe for some they get to this point, but it is not the goal. Through meditation we start to recognise our relationship to ‘thought’ and instead of attaching ourselves to those thoughts we simply observe them and learn not to identify with any particular emotion. In short, we become the observer.

Think of your mind as a lake. If there are ripples on the surface of the lake you cannot see beyond the surface. However, if the lake is calm you can look inwards to the essence of what holds the lake together.

There are many ways to meditate, and if you’re new to meditation it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. It might be challenging when you start, but the key is to allow yourself to have fun with it. Like any skill, it takes practice and patience. Here are some of my tips to get you started and my go-to 5 minute meditation:

  1. Create a sacred space. This can be as simple as a corner in your home or garden or it can be a whole room. A quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, include some crystals, essential oils, your favorite quote or anything that feels good.

  2. Start small and make it work for your schedule.

  3. Set yourself up in a comfortable seated position. Sitting is preferred as it helps the breath flow in its natural course and keeps you alert... although if lying down works for you, then do it!

  4. Set a timer for 5 minutes, with a gentle alarm to bring you out.

  5. Don’t become frustrated if your mind wanders. Acknowledge that it has and without any judgement re-connect to the practice.

My go-to 5 Minute Mediation:

Meditation by focusing on and using your breath as an anchor builds a foundation for other forms of meditation.

Start by just focusing on your natural breath. Let it come and go for a few breaths. Now without altering your breath, start counting your breath backwards from 50. Inhale 50... Exhale 49... Inhale 48... Exhale 47... and so on. If you loose track or catch your mind wandering, gently come back to your breath and start your count again. Maybe you only get a few counts in the first few times, but gradually you’ll train your mind to count further and for longer... think of it like growing your meditation muscle.

About Karlee Imogen:

Karlee is a yoga teacher and reiki healer, currently sharing her way of life as she travels Australia holding yoga and reiki sessions in between and co-creator of Holistically Living, an online holistic lifestyle program empowering women to connect and feel supported on their wellness journey – mind, body, spirit.

You can join Karlee for pop up yoga sessions at enerG+, check out our Facebook page for more information

@karleeimogen @energplus

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