Stretch Series - Shoulders

The next muscle group in our stretch series is the shoulder muscles. This group is made up of the infraspinatus, teres minor and teres major (pecs) and the deltoid and subscapularis (back). Now the shoulder muscles especially get a workout during boxing, so this is one area that we really should concentrate on stretching out after a class.

The shoulders are very important, and often neglected, parts of your body. Your shoulders help you with everyday tasks, they help you reach for objects, lift objects and they also help you perform exercises. Flexible shoulders are very important as they will help you increase your overall body strength.

If you find your shoulders aching and paining a day after a workout it’s probably because of the lack of flexibility in your shoulders. Flexible shoulders increase your strength and decrease the amount of load that your bones, ligaments and joints have to bear. Shoulder flexibility is a crucial part of your body and is why stretching them out after a workout is particularly important.

Here are two of our favourite shoulder stretches we do regularly here at enerG+ after class.

Stretch 1

Put your left forearm against the wall with your elbow at shoulder height. Push your left hip forwards and away until you feel the stretch through your shoulder. The further you turn away, the deeper you will feel the stretch. This stretch stretches through your pec muscles.

Stretch 2

Bring your right arm straight across your body at chest height. Then hook your left arm over the top at your elbow, to pull your right arm gently into your chest until you begin to feel the stretch through your shoulder. Slide the top arm towards your wrist to deepen the stretch. This stretch stretches through your back.

And remember to always roll out through your shoulders!

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