Muscles used in boxing

Boxing can be a fabulous workout with many benefits including reducing stress, increasing confidence, loosing weight and toning up.

You may not realise but you are working a lot of muscles in the seeming simple Jab Cross

Let me explain....

The finger extensor muscles (extensor carpi radialis longus & extensor carpi radialis brevis) straighten the hand and stabilize the wrist, protecting the joint at the moment of impact.

The finger flexor muscles (flexor digitorum profundus & flexor digitorum superficialis) close the fist and together with the wrist flexors they stabilize the joint at the moment of impact.

The deltoid lifts and re-centers the arm to alter the strike of the punch.

Your anterior deltoids (front of your shoulders) work together with your pectoralis major (chest) to drive your arm out toward your boxing bag.

The triceps quickly extend the arm out whilst the biceps help you retract your arm quickly, bringing it back to your guard position.

The obliques are responsible for torso rotation which add power to your punch

The gluteus maximus extend the hip also adding more power to your punch.

So next time you're throwing that Jab Cross take a moment to think about all these muscles and the benefits you are physically making for your body as well as the many benefits to your state of mind and general wellbeing.

Happy Boxing

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