Get skin fit!

Exercise, be it a boxing class or a 10km run, exercise gives good glow. It increases blood flow, flooding the cells with oxygen and nutrients, and helps to rid your body of toxins and free radicals, which exacerbate the visible sign of ageing such as fine lines, spots and even wrinkles.Of course, if you want to maximise all of those awesome skin benefits there are a few teeny rules to follow. Stick with these and there's no doubt that fresh, dewy, fit skin can and will be yours.


Before you hit the gym floor, make sure you cleanse and remove all traces of makeup —this is particularly important if you're doing a lunchtime or after-work class. Your pores will open up during your workout, and if you don't give your skin room to breathe, the mix of sweat, foundation and the day's dirt will increase oil build up, causing blackheads. You can take this one step further and treat the skin with an antibacterial or topical cream, like Benzoyl Peroxide before you hit class. If you're prone to post-workout breakouts, this will help attack bacteria before it happens (just keep in mind some Benzoyl Peroxide creams tend to discolour fabrics, like your gym towel). Go easy on the body moisturiser and hair products as well (and always tie your hair back), or say hello to forehead pimples.

Gym selfie-ready

Now that you've wiped off all that product, we can understand if you're feeling a bit naked. But no matter what Instagram's #gymselfie tag tells us, the weights floor is no place for a full face of makeup. Instead, aim to enhance your features in the most natural, sweat-less way possible — think eyes, brows, lips. Invest in waterproof makeup that's going to stay put such as a sweat-proof eyebrow pen, eyeliner, mascara and a great lip stain or balm.

The cool down

Post-gym cleansing is a no-brainer, sure, but it's important to also exfoliate as well and get rid of as much of the oil and dead skin buildup as possible. Using an acne-focused cleanser will help with this, more than your regular cream cleanser. Plus, Clarisonic have come up with a new device, the Mia Fit, designed especially for post-gym cleanse.

One of the biggest causes of excessive redness and increased aging in skin is dehydration, which is obviously exasperated post-exercise. So make sure you get your post-workout fluids up in the next 24 hours and aim for at least 10-12 glasses. If you had a really strenuous workout, consider dropping a few electrolyte supplements into your water bottle or shaker, which will help to replace lost fluids faster in both body and skin.


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