Top tips to maximise your workout...

Here at enerG+ we like to remind our members about some of the key tips to exercising with us. We hope you find all and or some of these useful.

Here we go!

1) Water

Yes this should be common knowledge to most of us but reminders don't hurt and its especially harder during Winter to stick to this! Be sure to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated before, during & after exercise is key. How much should I drink? Its recommended that we drink at least 2 litres of water each and slightly more than this when you are working out.

2) Eating prior to class - Do I? Don't I?

Its recommended not to eat just before a workout, however, everybody is different but for most people doing evening classes generally eat 2hrs before. For a morning session we recommend half a banana or piece of toast but again everyone will respond differently, find what works for you.

3) Pace yourself

Work out at your pace, remember you don't have to keep up with the person next to you. You may have your own individual fitness goals and the person next to you may have slightly different goals and ambitions. We all have different abilities, limitations and strengths and you need to work to the best YOU can.

4) Breathe

We often forget to practice our breathing technique during class - remember to breathe out on the effort. This is particularly true for Pilates participants.

5) Ask your trainers

Remember we are always here to help. If you are wanting some advice with a particular new technique please ask us, as misuse may cause injury. With our classes there is often a harder option - if you would like to opt for this please flag it with a trainer on the day. That extra effort may just help you reach your fitness goals faster.

6) Rest

As with most things in life, moderation and consistency in fitness are the keys to success. Too much of anything can be a bad thing, and there is no need to do more than the minimum needed for maximum results. It is important to realize that over training in fitness not only doesn’t deliver faster and better results, but it can lead to injury and burnout. Pushing your body beyond what it can effectively handle will usually result in a strain or muscle tear. Listen to your body and if in doubt ask your trainer.

We hope these help you on your fitness journey. You may like to complement your enerG+ class sessions with a simple at home workout. Ask Gen and or Reception for some previous 'challenges' for you to try today!

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